The Old Way The Simple Appointments Way
Errors causing customer frustration: Customers delighted with reliable service:
Mistakes on appointment times and staff. Visual aids for appointment placement.
Mistakes on reminder cards. Printed reminder slips with complete information.
Multiple outdated reminder cards. Reminder slips with all upcoming appointments.
Overlooked appointments. Quick appointment searching.
Missed appointments. E-mail and text message confirmation.
Late and missed payments. Payment notifications and reminders.
Customers over budget. Budget monitoring and alerts.
Handwritten, scattered notes. Professional, organized appearance.
Time-consuming processes: Integrated management and reporting:
Time wasted writing appointment details. Schedule and print in just a few clicks.
Reconciling customer accounts. Verified appointments post to all customer records.
Accounting and mathematical errors. Payments and values automatically calculated.
Calendar access limited to one person. Full access from unlimited computers.
Lack of communication between staff. Real-time updates at all computers.
Unauthorized changes. Read-only and limited access for certain users.
Unprepared staff & management. At-a-glance notes, dept., enrollment & payment info.
Staff re-copying their schedule. Updated schedules and summaries a click away.
Hand-counted performance reports. Automatic sales and activity reports.
Inability to analyze performance. Countless statistics on income and efficiency.
Paper records damaged or lost. Redundant off-site data storage.

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Simple Appointments